GPS Puzzle Box/ Reversed Geocache Course

GPS Puzzle Box/ Reversed Geocache Course

Skill Level:  Intermediate/Advanced

Learn and understand how to use a GPS module in your projects. We are going to embed a GPS module in a puzzle box to find a predetermined location. When this location is reached the puzzle box will open and its content can be retrieved.

What you will learn

You will learn to store the GPS coordinates in the Arduino’s EPROM memory using USB Serial input so you can set different coordinates without having to reprogram the Arduino. Through USB serial you can also lock and unlock the box to add or change items to the box.

Using a relay switch you also will learn how to automatically switch your project off after a specific time to save battery power. By pressing a push button the system will turn itself back on.


To be able to complete this course you need to have an Intermediate understanding of bread-boarding, and soldering, Intermediate understanding of Arduino programming structures, Intermediate understanding of Arduino variable, and data types.

Price: $300.- (Min 6 hr classroom) Unlimited Email Support during project  (Materials not included)

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 Classroom sessions:

  1.   Learn how to use the Arduino Pro Mini development board. (Intermediate) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  2. Learn how to work with the Adafruit GPS breakout (Intermediate/Advanced) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  3.  Learn how to write and read data the Arduino eprom (Intermediate) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  4.  Learn how to use an 32 character lcd display  (Beginner) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  5.  Learn how to communicate with an Arduino Uno through USB Serial Input (Intermediate) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  6. Learn how to use a relay in your projects (Beginner) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  7.  Optional Project buil
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