Internet Of Things Weather Station Course

Internet Of Things Weather Station

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Learn and understand how to create an Internet Of Things Weather Station using the Adafruit Huzzah ESP8266 Breakout board.

What you will learn

The ESP8266 Wifi board is a recently new board that has come on the market that makes IOT development more affordable. We will learn to use the Adafruit Huzzah version of this board in this project. Another new concept is the Internet Of Things (IOT) concept. In this course we will explore what it really is and use it to get up-to-date weather information.

To display all this we are going to learn how to use the Nokia 5100 LCD display. You will learn how to display both text and graphics on this display   


To be able to complete this course you need to have a basic understanding of bread-boarding, soldering, use of buttons, basic understanding of Arduino programming structures, basic understanding of Arduino variable, and data types.

Price: $300.- (Minimal 6 hours classroom) Unlimited Email support is available for the duration of the course.  (Materials not included)

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Classroom sessions:

  1. What is the Internet Of Things IOT (Beginner) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  2. Setting up theAdafruit Huzzah ESP8266 Breakout board (Intermediate)  (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  3. String parsing and Manipulations (Intermediate) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  4. How to write functions and subroutines and reuse code (Advanced) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  5. Use Timers to improve response from input buttons and sensors (Intermediate) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  6. Using the Nokia 5100 LCD Display (Intermediate) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  7. Optional Project build
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