Explore the fun and exciting world of Arduino Micro Controllers

Skill Level:  Beginner

Learn and understand how to use an Arduino micro controller, some basic components and programming techniques. If you have the need to understand how many devices in your everyday life get controlled this is a course for you. Do you want to create and invent cool gadgets, control the lights in your house or turn your electrical fireplace on and off automatically then this is a course for you.

What you will learn

In this course we will discover the wonderful world of using an Arduino Micro controller. We will explore how to connect some basic components to it and how to write basic sketches (programs) for it. You will learn some basic programming techniques and language syntax. 

We will be using the SparkFun Inventors Kit for Arduino to go on this journey, plus some of the Arduino Maker Man’s own wisdom to get you on the path to creating your own projects.


To be able to complete this course you need to have a basic understanding of math and have a fundamental understanding how to use computer programs.

Price: $400.- (Minimal 8 hours classroom) Unlimited Email support is available for the durations of the course.  (Materials not included)

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Classroom Sessions

  1. Introduction to the Arduino Uno Hardware and Software (min 1 Hour max 2 Hours)
  2. Basic Input and Output (min 1 Hour max 2 Hours)
  3. Basic LED Use (min 1 Hour max 2 Hours)
  4. The IfThen statement (min 1 Hour max 2 Hours)
  5. Input Buttons (min 1 Hour Max 2 Hours)
  6. Loops (min 1 Hour Max 2 Hours)
  7. Analog Input and Output (min 1 Hour max 2 Hours)
  8. Variables and all that jazz (min 1Hour max 2 Hours) 
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