The Numitron Clock Course

Skill Level:  Intermediate / Advanced

Learn and understand how to use IV9 numitron tubes, a RTC clock module and shift registers to create a clock. The numitron IV9 tubes are an inexpensive way to create a nixie style clock.

What you will learn

In this project you will learn how to link the IV9 numitron tubes to your Arduino Pro Mini using shift registers. You will also learn how to use a Real Time Clock (RTC) breakout board. You will learn how to set and read the time. In this project you will also learn how to use volt regulating hardware and write complex functions.


To be able to complete this course you need to have an Intermediate understanding of bread-boarding, and soldering, Intermediate understanding of Arduino programming structures, Intermediate understanding of Arduino variable, and data types. 

Price: $350.- (Minimal 7 hours classroom) Unlimited Email support is available for the durations of the course. (Materials not included)

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 Classroom sessions:

  1. Learn how to connect and IV9 numitron tube to an Arduino (Intermediate) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  2. Learn to workwith RTC  breakout board (Intermediate) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  3. Learn how to use the Arduino Pro Mini development board. (Intermediate) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  4. Learn how to use Shift Registers (Advanced) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  5.  Learn how to use volt regulators (Intermediate) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  6. Basic understanding how to implement LED in a project (Beginner) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  7. Implementing multiple buttons for setup of time (Beginner) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  8. Optional Project build
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