Remote Controlled Cloud Lamp Course

Skill Level:  Intermediate

Learn and understand how to use a remote control to change the colours on an addressable LED light strip. In our daily life we use remote controls to turn our tv’s and audio equipment off and on. In this project you going to learn how to implement this in the Arduino environment

What you will learn

In this course we will use the Arduino pro mini which is a small and powerful Arduino board. Learning how to program and use this board you will be one of the new skills you will learn. Another skill we learn is how to use Addressable LED strips. These strips allow you to program each led individually, but only use a few IO ports on your Arduino.

We also are going to use an Infrared (IR) remote control to make your Arduino perform actions. In this part you will learn how to read information from remote controls and send data using IR transmitters.   


To be able to complete this course you need to have a basic understanding of bread-boarding, soldering, basic understanding of Arduino programming structures, basic understanding of Arduino variable, and data types.

Price: $200.- (Minimal 5 hours classroom) Unlimited Email support is available for the durations of the course.  (Materials not included)

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Classroom sessions:

  1. Learn how to use the Arduino Pro Mini development board. (Intermediate) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  2. Learn how to use RGB Led and Addressable LED (Intermediate) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  3. Learn to use an Infrared IR remote control in your Arduino projects (Intermediate) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  4. Learn how to use hardware interrupts to receive sensor data (Intermediate) (min 1 hour-max 2 hours)
  5. Optional Project build
Ab Kurk