Helpful Tip: How to create a more professional and user friendly Arduino project by storing your configuration in the EEPROM

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As makers we strive to make projects that are easy to use and have a more professional feel about them. If your project is user configurable (e.g. are you using C or F for your temperature), how do you store that information so it is kept, even when the Arduino gets reset?

 What if you could make your Arduino remember these types of user changeable settings (e.g. using a menu saving your Wi-Fi password)? The solution is using the EEPROM library. This library allows you to store your configuration data like your WIFI router name and password, and be able to change it if you get a new router or password. The drawback is that you can only write and erase data 100,000 times so be careful to only write the most important data. Luckily you can read this data as many times as you want without any issue.

To write your data you use the; EEPROM.write(address, value), and to read your data you use the The drawback is that writing anything other than an integer can be complicated.

In the next weeks, I will be writing a tutorial on how to write your configuration or other information to your Arduino/Compatible so you too can create professional looking projects.If you are interested subscribe to my periodical Newsletter by filling out the form below, or follow me on Facebook by clicking on this link, and click the follow button. 

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