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5 Tips To Improve Your Arduino Coding Skills

These 5 tips can help you write better, and more functional code for your Arduino projects. These helpful tips help you understand how important it is to use descriptive variable names, indent your code, use comments, the use of functions to make your code more reusable, and write  documentation for your projects.

These  5 tips are useful for both novice makers/developers and more advanced ones.  They are often overlooked making an otherwise great project a nightmare to deal with

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Helpful Tip: How to create a more professional and user friendly Arduino project by storing your configuration in the EEPROM

As makers we strive to make projects that are easy to use and have a more professional feel about them. If your project is user configurable (e.g. are you using C or F for your temperature), how do you store that information so it is kept, even when the Arduino gets reset?

 What if you could make your Arduino remember these types of user changeable settings (e.g. using a menu saving your Wi-Fi password)?

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