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Project: IOT Christmas Lights Display

A couple of year’s back I bought one of the Neopixel light strings from Adafruit. I think it was 200 leds. I used them one season and put them away. This Christmas I decided to make an IOT Christmas light display out of it just above our horizontal blinds.

To do this I used the code explained in  the Tutorial:Storing WiFi Configuration On Your ESP8266 Using The EEPROM Library Made Simple Part 1 and Tutorial part 2. I also used code from the Adafruit Neopixel example code and integrated it with my base code to create an IOT device from the tutorial.

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Tutorial on creating graphics for the Nokia 5110 LCD using an Arduino and the Adafruit library

Creating graphics for the Nokia 5110 display using an Arduino and the Adafruit Library

I use the Nokia 5110 display in many of my projects. It is inexpensive and reliable. I also use the  Adafruit library for this display as it is easy to use and feature rich. The only issue I had with this library was displaying icons and other graphics on it.

All the tutorials I could find dealt with how to concert a bitmap to a format this display could use were with a utility called LCD Assistant. And this does not work with the Adafruit library. This tutorial will take you through the steps how to create graphics using the Adafruit Library


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